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What is the World's Greatest Motivators?


Learn to transform your conditions to manifest exactly what you’d love, in your health, career, relationships and LIFE!

See your favorite motivator all in ONE PLACE. 

Every Sunday from July 18 – August 29, for only $27.00

Be LIVE with Lynn Kitchen and Julie Jones Hamilton as they introduce two new Motivators each week.

Featuring hours of inspiration with the legends Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Mary Morrissey, John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Brian Tracy, Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith, Blaine Bartlett, Shanda Sumpter, Sharon Lechter, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Sparsh Shah.

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Blaine Bartlett
Les Brown
Shanda Sumpter
Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith
Cynthia Kersey
John Assaraf
Mary Morrissey
Bob Proctor
Lisa Nichols
Sharon Lechter
Jack Canfield
Sparsh Shaw
David Meltzer
Brian Tracy





Lisa Nichols & Jack Canfield
Bob Proctor & Mary Morrissey
Les Brown & Sharon Lechter
Brian Tracy & David Meltzer
John Assaraf & Shanda Sumpter
Cynthia Kersey & Blaine Bartlett
Michael Beckwith & Sparsh Shah

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$27 For Live Pay-Per-View